Charlene Conley
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Lic # 12607

Charlene Conley, MSW, LCSW

About Charlene


Charlene Conley, MSW, LCSWCharlene Conley is a warm, nurturing therapist who creates a safe haven in which her clients heal.  She has over twenty years experience in her field.

Charlene specializes in a variety of areas including: couple therapy, adult children of alcoholics, depression, molest and sexual assault, relationship issues, sexual addiction, and 12 step recovery issues.

She has developed a unique blend of therapy incorporating her wisdom, experience, and spiritual beliefs to guide clients on their life path.  Charlene has trained with the experts in her field, is a clinical hypnotherapist, EMDR specialist, Redecision therapist, and is certified by Harville Hendrix' Institute for Imago Relationship Therapy to work with couples.

Charlene began her career in private practice on the tails of Robin Norwood's book Women Who Love Too Much.  She has always had a keen interest in relationships and when she first started, she believed if clients would do their individual work their relationships would change.

Charlene trained in Redecision Therapy and clients made life altering changes in their lives by working through childhood issues that kept them from being as successful as adults as they wanted to be.  Many of the issues they addressed were related to intimacy and trust.  This work did not significantly effect their relationships, which perplexed Charlene.  Then in 1990, she read Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix.  This was the missing link.  As a result of reading this book she started in Imago Therapy with her partner, went to a Getting the Love You Want Workshop and then went through the professional training to become a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist.  This work has transformed her work with couples.  At the point that Charlene read the book, she had been considering discontinuing her work with couples because she felt ineffective.  Charlene still uses Redecision Therapy to help clients work through issues and may use it with one or both partners in a relationship because it helps them resolve closeness issues and speeds up the Imago work.  She also works with individuals using Redecision, EMDR and sometimes Hypnotherapy but her primary work is with couples.